The Reader Berlin, The Circus Hotel and KLAK Verlag proudly present the 10 winners of the 2019 Berlin Writing Prize on the theme “The Circus” in an anthology.

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ISBN 978-3-943767-44-5


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The Reader Berlin


Salwa Benaissa & Victoria Gosling


A Wide Neon Yell by S.K. Perry
Camel by Victoria Manifold
Circus Freak by Anbara Salam
Apricot Stones by Chloe Gocool
One In Eight by Hannah Harper
Threshold by Angela Hughes
The Plumage by Avrina Prabala-Joslin
Délphine by Eliza Robertson
Ventimiglia by Nicholas Ruddock
On Bears: A Constellation by Sarah Van Bonn

The Reader Berlin, The Circus Hotel and KLAK Verlag are proud to present the winners of the 2019 Berlin Writing Prize. Featuring authors S.K. Perry, Victoria Manifold, Anbara Salam, Chloe Gocool, Eliza Robertson, Sarah Van Bonn, Hannah Harper, Avrina Prabala-Joslin, Angela Hughes and Nicholas Ruddock, the anthology brings you fresh, original writing on the theme “The Circus”.

Berlin is a city of ideas. Wherever you look, someone’s dreams are coming to life. And what better theme than “The Circus” for a writing prize arising from one of the world’s most exciting, independent literary scenes? Selected from over 350 entries by judges Sophie Mackintosh, May-Lan Tan, Elnathan John, Martin Jankowski, Katrin Schönig and Victoria Gosling, this collection will engage, intrigue and surprise you: from a personal essay about a heart transplant, to tall tales of alien abduction; from a circle-shaped essay-constellation on bears, to stories of sisterhood, transformation, rebellion and resistance. Prepare to be captivated.

“Ten extraordinary writers.”
Victoria Gosling

“Stories that touch on the essence of the human condition.”
Elnathan John

“Fantastical, colourful, unexpected.”
Sophie Mackintosh

The Reader Berlin is a platform for writers of all nationalities, offering community, networking and author services. What began life in 2011 as a single creative writing workshop in a Berlin bookshop cellar has grown to encompass literary events, publishing seminars, writing retreats, and a varied workshop programme featuring local and international authors.

Salwa Benaissa & Victoria Gosling (Editors)